Containing Box

TITLE: 182550-182949, 1st August 1971 to ∞ (Edition Hundertmark)
Andersen, Eric
  • 31
  • 22
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Cardboard; Ink; Felt-tip Pen; Assemblage

Four texts on one cardboard, numbered. One text stamped, two letters handwritten, eight postcards, and one postal check, numbered.

Artist Note
Eric Andersen recalls that many of the major Fluxus artists balked at George Maciunas’s more extreme attempts to organize them, noting that Maciunas was “the most amazing, self-contradictory mixture of neo-Dadaism and Leninism. He tried manifestos. We all disagreed. He tried to create unity. We all disobeyed. He wanted to appoint us ambassadors of Fluxus. Everyone disassociated. … His Utopia developed with headquarters, regions and branches with generals, majors and corporals. A fantasy on which mountains of books have been published almost forty years on. What we did in the meantime in actual fact was to establish an international artist network, with wide ranging mail art activities. As far as I am aware, Fluxus was the first international network to be set up by artists themselves. A type of pre-PC database and a net for art and communication” (Fluxus Heidelberg,