TITLE: Flux Box II
between 2003 and 2004
Boyd, Don
  • 28.4
  • 23.0
  • 7.7
Wood; Rubber; Polystyrene; Paper; Ink; Polyethylene; Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer; Tape; Sticker; Hair; Onionskin paper; Manila paper; Stamp; Offset lithographs; Copper; Cardstock; Watercolor; Linen paper; Wire; Composite photograph; Resin-coated paper; Safety pin; Putty; Coated paper; Kraft paper; Color transparencies; Staple; Matchbook; Lanyard; Polyvinyl chloride; String; Glass; Compact disc; Crystal polystyrene.

Wooden box titled "Flux Box II". Lid attached to box with brown leather strip and two nails. Box contains the following: blue uninflated balloon stamped with "Don Boyd" and "IS THIS ART"; magnet with printed label; lidded petri dish containing 5 multicolored pill capsules with instructions taped to lid; lego man in plastic bag that says "NOT A TOY!" and other phrases in red ink; envelope (sealed by smiley face sticker) containing black hair—"The hair of the dawg that bit you" (title in black ink on front of envelope; "Madawg 2004" on back); Miniature Manila envelope (sealed and stamped on both sides; "M McCarthy 2003" on front) containing small, unidentifiable objects; "Zero Poem" fanzine; "Theater Piece"—play on paper, signed "Josh Roasa"; Printed cardstock affixed with penny and stamped with mailing address; Miniature booklet with sewn binding, watercolor painted circle on Linen-paper cover; Plastic name badge containing photo and stamped image of a pugilist; Cardstock label with print on both sides (front: "Time's CaLLiGRapHY") attached to thick wire; Small rectangular paper titled "NAIL MUSIC"; Artist trading card with photograph of bridge; Business card with contact information and 2 photographs; Button with publicity image from "Who's the Boss?"; Small plastic cowboy boot; Brown paper with bugle-shaped white paper sewn to it and black shadowing around it and "Clarence Adrian Mckinney 2003" written on back; Flip book within matchbook containing color transparencies with photographs of bugs; Plastic bag containing "Exhale the Rocks" game (4 green beads strung on lanyard) and printed instructions on paper; "Stigma Tatoo Sticker" set: 4 cards, 1 with cover photographic image and 3 containing 3 orange stickers each; "Fluxrelics No. 1 Drip Music" card with publication information and accompanying certificate of authenticity (02.24.03) and vial containing unknown clear liquid with paper label attached by string; Jewel case containing compact disc with one hour of recordings and "Audio Inscriptions for Members of Fluxlist" booklet.